Keeping At It

Every writer has an excuse for not writing–some of those delays tumble onto the next like dominos until it is evident the would-be writer is not a writer at all–simply a wannabe. After years of a strict writing schedule, then taking a breather between newspaper work and the completion of a book, I almost fell into the not-a-writer category; however, I am back into the swing of things and after much research have actually set aside daily time to work on the sequel to Charcoal and Chalk.

This second book again features my great grandfather John Ogilvie Stevenson. No title yet, but amidst the trials and tribulations of family life he champions the cause of women’s rights. What a guy! Stay tuned for his further adventures and challenges.

Back to Charcoal and Chalk. I’m still getting requests for books, and a book signing is in the works at the Rosenberg Library in Galveston, Texas, for January 12, 2013. The archivist there, Carol Wood, is the only other person who has read the book and the documents on which it is based. She enthusiastically suggested the book signing, and the local Galveston Book Shop is on board to provide books. More on this as the date draws near.