Summer Trips

Okay, I’ve been gone so the blog has been ignored. Where have I been? Washington State–west and east–two different trips. The first trek was to Redmond where we visited various family members–a highlight being the high school graduation of our granddaughter. She now has her first paying job to help finance a college education at Bryn Mawr in Pennsylvania. The job? A yarn elf. Sounds like an unique opportunity and it is.

Everywhere I go, copies of my book, Charcoal and Chalk, come along. Our daughter-in-law arranged for a book signing at the Redmond library during our visit. She has a degree in public relations and really put out the word. In spite of her efforts the attendees were friends and family members. The name Flora Beach Burlingame is not too big in the northwest (yet). However, the “crowd” was attentive and interested and those who didn’t already have a copy of the book now own one.

Trip number two: my husband’s 63rd high school reunion in Colfax, Washington, 60 miles south of Spokane. These die-hards keep getting older thus the reunions become smaller. The organizers say this one may be the last, but time will tell. A close-knit group, they still enjoy each other’s company. One member had purchased my book through Amazon and promoted it at each event–prompting more sales.

After a special afternoon spent with Arvin’s siblings, off we flew, returning home to 102 degree weather. The trips are over, and now it is water, water, water everything that is trying to grow and stay alive in the yard.