Awesome Book Signings

It’s been a whirlwind week starting with the December 10th book release party at the Mariposa County Library. Our kids and spouses plus two grandchildren arrived from points north and south to help with the celbration. We all crowded into a corner of the libray along with a multitude of well-wishing friends. I gave a short talk on the background of Charcoal and Chalk and then sales and signing began–48 books sold! The librarian says that is a record for book signings there.

More books were sold to my hiking companions at our annual Christmas potluck, then again today at the Windows of the World Books and Art store in Mariposa. All 70 books initially ordered are gone! More are on order, plus they are always available at and Barnes and Noble on-line.

I am awed and humbled at the response, but feel it is because the book has substance and the reader comes away with more than a bunch of pages. I knew all along that my great grandfather’s story was worth telling.