My Historical Novel Charcoal and Chalk

America has just fought the Civil War and young John Ogilvie, fresh from Scotland, is captivated with the noble idea of teaching the freed slaves. Sent to Texas by the American Missionary Association he lands in the middle of trouble. Battling hate, a deadly epidemic, and shady politics, he is rewarded by devoted scholars and the love of a woman. A novel based on an actual teacher of the freedmen and his letters and documents, the story brings to life the sacrifices and challenges of these devoted and little-known missionaries.

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A Little About the Author

Flora Beach Burlingame lives on 11 acres in the Central California foothills where she hikes, sings in a choir, volunteers at the “Best little museum in the U.S.” and writes. She is busy working on her second historical novel based on John Ogilvie’s continued passion for a worthy cause – women’s suffrage.